I&E Maintenance Tech

Company Name:
Apex Recruiting Services
If interested in position, please contact Will at 4109354442 or by email at If candidate feels like position is a match, please email will at address stated and include attached copy of your resume, as well as address the must haves at the bottom of this job description to be submitted for review and sent in with resume to the employer. Any questions please call the number above. Thank you.
Salary: $55-$70k Plus Bonus
Relo: Yes
Under direct supervision, performs fundamental instrumentation and electrical diagnostics, maintenance and repair work. In addition, will perform basic project design and completes the required associated documentation.
I&E Maintenance and Repair
Installs, calibrates and troubleshoots process switches, process transmitters, process controllers, process tips and various control panel instrumentation
Designs and modifies control systems using these devices
Develops complete understanding of the proper use of all test and calibration instruments
Develops a complete understanding of electronic and pneumatic control loops and instrumentation, including the concept of proportional, integral, and derivative modes as applies to process controllers.Understands the relationship of the various control loop standards and ability to make conversions. Ability to apply, design, and troubleshoot the above.
Learns the following:
Lockout/Tagout procedures, proper grounding, fail safe design, short circuit protection, wire sizing, safe use of tools and test equipment, and proper use of Personal Protection Equipment.
Develops a complete understanding of our Tech Services reporting, recordkeeping, and documentation requirements and procedures
Internal Controls
Understands and complies with established departmental processes and procedures designed to support internal controls efforts.Identifies and brings to the attention of department management internal controls deficiencies.
This is a training position that will allow candidates the hands-on experiences that will educate them in the areas of designing, maintaining and troubleshooting Industrial & Electrical (I&E) equipment at all DF terminals and warehouses. Travel to out-of-state, overnight locations required regularly, approximately 80% of the week.
Equivalent of 0-2 years of experience in plant I&E department or related work
Undergraduate degree in engineering helpful, but not required
Good communication and interpersonal skills
A minimum score of 30% on the standard Instrument and Electrical examination
Candidates MUST be from the refinery, chemical plant industries.

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